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    Unanswered: Append query is not working (sort of)

    I have a ScheduleMaintenance Form and an EditMaintenance Form with a clicky button on both forms that runs a bunch of code, one of which runs an append query that auto-schedules the next instance of an on-going maintenance job once an instance is marked complete. All data transfers to the new record fine on the ScheduleMaintenance form but the new request date will not transfer when the EditMaintenance form is used. I get no errors and the append runs fine otherwise but that date won't populate on the one form.

    Way it works - RequestDate field and NextDate field. Once a job is marked complete, the NextDate field calculates and fills, based on the input from a couple of other fields and the RequestDate field. My append query runs and populates the next record. The RequestDate on the new record should be populated by the previous records NextDate data.

    As I said - all else works, including my auto-number and all works on my other form (almost identical query) but not on this form.

    I did make sure the format and input mask of both fields are the same and I've re-created my append query for that form a number of times with no luck.

    Hope this makes sense - Thsi is driving me nuts so any help would be huge.

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    I figured it out. I only needed to refresh the data prior to running the append. The table wasn't getting populated with the calculated date so had nothing to transfer over...

    I love it when a plan comes together...

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