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    Unanswered: encryption question


    i've got a database that uses the URL to pass a parameter, the record ID. This seems susceptible to hacking and I'd like to encrypt that parameter so that its not usefully displayed.

    starting URL:

    desired URL:

    or something like it, however its saved encrypted.

    would one way to do this would be to take the current ID and encrypt it and store it in a new field? then i'd rewrite the results page to pass the new encrypted ID as the parameter, which would be of little value to a hacker. redoing the results page is no problem.

    but since each starting ID will be different, it seems a difficult task to write mysql script to update each record with a record-specific encoded ID.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.


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    what you do is don't bother encrypting at all. you put a password system into place and unless the user is logged in they can't see any of the video pages.

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    thanks for the reply.

    but i want to keep the website 'open' so that it get maximal use.

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