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    Unanswered: How to install Sybase audit system


    I want to enable sybase auditing.
    I am using sybase ASE 15.01.

    But i don't know how to install or where to search for the installer.

    I have tried for any manual available on Sybase Site. But could not open the docs.Every time i tried to open the Documentation Set i got error like CACHE_FILL_OPEN_FILE inetrnal error.
    Please help me to resolve this problem .

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    Installing auditing is just part of the equation. The biggest work is to make sense of all the data that is collected that is how you write your reports.

    To install:

    1) disk init a data device and a log device
    2) create a database named "sybsecurity" on the new devices, with seperate data and log.
    3) run the $SYBASE/scripts/installsecurity script.
    4) sp_configure 'auditing',1
    5) recycle your server

    Here are a few command examples you can use after sybsecurity is ready:
    1) sp_displayaudit => to see all users added, and audit options.
    2) To activiate auditing for a USER => sp_audit 'all','userid','all','on'
    3) To deactiviate auditing for a USER => sp_audit 'all','userid','all','off'
    4) To audit RPC calls for a user => sp_audit 'rpc','userid','all','on'
    5) to audit calls to a specific SPROC => sp_audit 'exec_procedure','all','myproc','on' (You need to be in the db where that sproc
    exist before tracing this sproc).
    6) sp_configure auditing,1 => To activate auditing on the server.
    sp_configure auditing,0 => To diactivate auditing on the server.
    select * from sysaudits_01 =>To see trace data.

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