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Thread: sqlldr problem

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    Unanswered: sqlldr problem

    I want to insert data into a oracle database table from txt file. for this reason i write sqlldr file
    this file save as pdata1
    LOAD data
    infile 'D:\HRMB\DATALODER\DATA1.txt'
    into table DATACARD
    (cardno position(7:15))

    when i start sql*plus
    I call pdata1 file by following code:

    Host sqlldr hrm/jhd@fsdata pdata1
    then give me error dont get path

    please help me

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    Well, don't run SQL*Loader from SQL*Plus prompt. Although you used HOST command, it is not the way to do that.

    Instead, go to operating system command prompt, change working directory to the one which contains control file (basically, for testing purposes you should keep all files in the same directory - it is easier to track loading execution as you'll see LOG file, possible BAD and DISCARD files, ...) and run SQL*Loader from there.

    Error you mentioned: next time, please, use fully qualified Oracle (or operating system) error because it is practically impossible to figure out what might be wrong. "Don't get path" is very ambigously stated and I have no idea WHAT can not be found. Is it a SQLLDR executable? Data file? Control file? Who can tell? Also, it would be a good idea to post the whole session here so that we could SEE what you did.

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