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    Unanswered: Progress Bar?

    I have some querys and macro command. All that executed just one click button. Now I need to set a Progress Bar with percentage option over all the process.

    All the query and macro commands executed behind the progress bar till the 100%.

    Can any one hv the code? plz advise.

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    you should have the progress bar control as part of the standard access release, if not you may need to add the reference to that control to your application / form

    the progress bar is only going to be of use if you can get some information from the process you are monitoring as to its state. So if you are doing an SQL.Execute it doesn't do anything, if you are ploughing through a recordset, and you know the number of records in the recordset then its a breeze (you need to set the min & max values when you initialise the control, and then periodically set the current record/counter number to the control. if you send the counter to the control too frequently you slow the process dramatically.
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    This thread might be worth a read.
    I believe post 11 is quite useful too...
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