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    Unanswered: Crystal Reports Logon Failed 0x800401f3

    I recently updated an Access DB - information only. I did not change the structure or functionality of the DB in any way. I "refreshed" the report and was presented with a database connection dialouge box. Crystal was pointing to the correct DB, when I selected "finish" I got a message box stating: "Logon Failed" Error code: 0x800401f3". This is occurring globally with several other reports and different data sources. It is also occurring when I attempt to create a "New" report with a new connection. Basically, Crystal is not functional right now.

    I have done an exhaustive search for the error code, read articles, etc. I have contacted tech support and still waiting for assistance after 3 updates.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Crystal Error

    HI Larry

    I'm also experiencing this error I have a desktop and laptop both with Crystal Reports installed, the Desktop is functioning correctly and I pull reports from an Access database without problems but the notebook is giving me the same error you get about Logon failed... It is happening with all types of data access.
    I've also applied patches and updates but no luck. I thought it could be related to the original database owner, i.e the PC it was created on but after trying a totally new DB on the laptop I still get the same error.
    If you have any luck in solving this, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know what you did, I will do the same.


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