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    Unanswered: Dashboard example conditional colors of shapes

    Recently I saw a excellent example of a really nice visual display of information by geographic region at the URL
    The concept used excel shapes, named ranges, some vba to piece together all the units to create a wonderfule dashboard design.
    After reading it, I thought that I had to replicate it in my office and become one up on others. Unfortunately, while replicating, I seem to have goofed-up a little. The problem I am facing is described as under:

    I have drawn shapes for different locations in excel. I have created a dropdown list to choose a company, wherein different shapes
    would have different colors. The problem here is that some shapes get colored and some do not. I have tried to examine the shapes in details and couldn't find any broken paths in the shapes or may be I am unable to find how to locate broken paths in the shapes. eg. If I choose the company ICI from the dropdown, I get a list of all 15 location (shapes) that needs to be colored, whereas only 3 shapes of NCR, MP & Mumbai are showing colored and rest are not.

    I am unable to comprehend the root cause of this inconsistency, and also while selecting other company I get similar issues. The excel file in which the working has been done is attached with the post.

    Request help of excel gurus on this one.
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    On worksheet D, you have two range names that refer to Company:

    Company_Name referring to column E

    Gain_Loss referring to column A

    I think that you want Gain_Loss to refer to column D.

    Not sure if this will make it work, but will be consistent with your range names.
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