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    Question Unanswered: Code Page Conversion Doubt

    Hi Gurus,

    I have a database which had codeset defined as 932 (Japanese).

    Database territory = JP
    Database code page = 932
    Database code set = IBM-932
    Database country/region code = 81
    Database collating sequence = UNIQUE

    When I try to connect to this database using a client on AIX, I get error
    as follows:

    SQL0332N There is no available conversion for the source code page "819"
    the target code page "UNKNOWN". Reason Code "1". SQLSTATE=57017

    If I know correcltly, we have 2 options to correct the error (Please
    Correct if I am wrong)

    1) Change LANG settings in the User's Unix ENV to Ja_JP.
    2) Update DB2CODEPAGE to the 932.

    For Option1 to help me, I would need the Code Page conversion file sets to
    be present on my Client.
    For Option 2 its not required.

    My question is how option 2 works without the Code Page conversion file

    We are on db2 v8.2 on AIX 5


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