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    Unanswered: Deadlock with Sybase 15

    Hi ,

    Sybase 15.0.1 with esd 2 on RHE(Red Hat Enterprize) 4.0 with update 3.

    I get following deadlock error in our application log files. We dont get these error regularily, but when we get them , there are lots of other PL/SQL running.

    "SQLSTATE='40001', NATIVE Error =1205, '[DataDirect][ODBC Sybase Wire Protocol driver][SQL Server]Your server command (family id #0, process id #32) encountered a deadlock situation. Please re-run your command.

    Can any one provide me some help on debugging this problems, or is there any know issues with Sybase 15 esd 2 on RHE 4.0 with update 3


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    there are lots of other PL/SQL running.
    establish the processes occuring and decide whether it's a case of staggering them or if it'll be necessary 2 use different access methods to access the respective pages needed.
    the server reaction is normal. it killed the process that incurred the least cpu activity during the deadlock.

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