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    Unanswered: case in sensitivity

    Dear Experts,

    I've been working with a product development cmpany, and we are making our product to support all the main databases. we finished for sql server, oracle. presently we started with DB2. I dont know how to start with this. I even dont know how to find the version of this db2. I'm starting with a,b,c,d......

    friends, please help me how can i make my database case-in-sensitive? I've the following link, but with that I can not make my database collation case in sensitive. so please help me in this regard.
    We dont know whether the client inserts data in which case. but while we selecting, all these should be concidered. that.

    we need to reuse the output in other queries..............please guide me

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    SELECT *
    FROM mytable
    WHERE UCASE(field1) = UCASE('age');
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    This thread is duplicated. The same issue was presented few days later, by the same user and it is @

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