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    Unanswered: How to Calculate Year To Date Values

    I am still on the Payroll Program I have been developing. I want the Program to compute Year to Date (YTD) values for Basic Salary, Allowances, Deductions, Net Pay and Tax.

    I have tried and tried but have not been able to write the codes.

    Kindly help me.

    Thank you.


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    Without knowing anything about how your database is designed, it's a crap-shoot to come up with code to fill your requirements, but, ASSUMING that you have a table containing previous payroll data per wmployee per pay period, you would do something along the lines of
    SELECT SUM(Basic_Salary), Sum(Allowances), Sum(Deductions), Sum(Net_Pay) and Sum(Tax) From Payroll Where PayRollDate >= '01-JAN-07'
    (ps - don't use spaces in object names...)
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