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    Unanswered: max_enabled_roles value

    Please, How I can to change max_enabled_roles value? Please excuseme, but my english is so bad!

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    Set its value in INIT.ORA. This parameter is deprecated in Oracle 10g.

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    >This parameter is deprecated in Oracle 10g.
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    You did not specify a version of Oracle. As others have noted it cannot be set in Oracle 10g. In Oracle 9i it depends if you are using a init.ora file or a SPFILE.

    Most people set this parameter to a two digit number like 50. The max value is 148. The parameter is static, which means the changes will not take effect until after you shutdown and restart the instance.

    If using a init.ora file then
    a. edit the file in a text editor
    b. search for max_enabled_roles. If found you can change the value. If not found then add the line ...
    c. shutdown the instance and restart it.

    If using a SPFILE then
    a. launch sqlplus and connect as any DBA or SYSDBA user.
    b. issue the following command ...
    alter system set max_enabled_roles=75 scope=spfile sid='*';
    c. shutdown the instance and restart it.

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    Thanks to all people who help me. My Oracle version is 9i and use Spfile. Then I resolve my problem using SQL command "Alter system set max_enabled_roles = 130...". Thanks Remidata!

    Muchas gracias a todos! je! je! This is my language.

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