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    Unanswered: SYSTEM returning -668/0

    Hi all,

    Ive been dealing with this for a few days now, searching internet etc, but I cant seem to find any information on why this is failing.

    I am calling a SYSTEM command from a stored procedure to do various functions e.g. create UNIX users, change password etc.

    The problem is, every time i call this function i am getting back an error -668 with an ISAM code 0. From my understanding this means that the UNIX command was ok, its just that SYSTEM didn't work.

    This was working on our old server (Solaris 8, IFX 9.40.FC6) now we've got a new server (Solaris 10, IFX 10.0.FC5) trying to get all of the old functionality to work the same is proving difficult.

    Any (and i mean ANY) suggestions would be very helpful.


    Jordan Walsh
    IBM NZ Global Business Services

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    This is the output of the 'finderr 668' utility:
    -668 System command cannot be executed.

    A system call failed in the operating system. The following example
    shows a statement that might cause an error:

    SYSTEM 'hello';

    Make sure that the system command is not trying to run something that is
    not in your path or that is not applicable to the environment.

    Make sure that you have provided a user-id and password when connecting
    to the database server. The database server must have the user's password
    in order to execute a command on behalf of that user.

    On Windows NT platforms, make sure the following Advanced User Rights have
    been assigned to user "informix": Act as part of the operating system;
    Increase quotas; replace a process level token.
    It sais that the UNIX command failed to execute so I would start ckecking out the differences between Solaris 8 and Solaris 10 or the environment settings regarding this matter.


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    After extensive research it looks to me like Solaris 10 has incorporated RBAC (Role Based Access Control) more than what Solaris 8 had.

    What I think is happening is that my command is using 'sudo' to create the aformentioned users, but the RBAC side of Solaris is not letting sudo do it's job.

    I now need to figure out how to either:
    1) Turn off RBAC and just use sudo.
    2) Incorporate sudo into RBAC somehow.

    Again any ideas would help, but i do realise this is an informix forum so replies may be slim..

    Cheers for the help.

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