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    Unanswered: linking to forms to the same record!

    Ok, may be having a dence moment here!

    I am creating a customer support database to log support calls. Now the paper version is 3 pages long and I am sizing it down.

    There is the fault report page, where the user enters the report number, date, time etc. and then pushes a button to bring up a 2nd form, with a Q&A sheet, so they then can log answers to the questions.

    now for some reason, when the user clicks the Q&A button it brings it up with the 1st records details in the boxes.

    How can I get it to show the information for the current record being edited on the other form?


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    If you use the 'Wizard' to add to button to open the second form it will give you the option to goto find a record (filter) the second form. Should produce code like this

       stDocName = "Q&A form Name"
        stLinkCriteria = "Q&A form PK Field="  & me.ControlToFilterOn
        DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria
    There are otherway, particilarly if you do not want to limit the data in the second form.

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    Why not just use a tab form

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