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    Unanswered: ase upgrade 11.9.2

    Dose any one has experence about upgrading ase 11.9.2 from ase
    What show I prepare before upgrading?
    I know ase is a version old version, my target version is 12.5. But someone says: It is impossible upgrading to 12.5 form directly. and the most import upgrading part is to 11.9.2. if this part success then 11.9.2 t0 12.x is a pice of cake. and It is hard to find documents about upgrading. Coud some give me a hint, thank you.

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    that's rubbish!

    Just apply 11.0.3 cumulative(if you have the media, they don't ship it anymore) on top of 11.0.2. You can then go straight to 12.5 from 11.0.3

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