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    Unanswered: Linking Outlook form and Access table...possible??


    Is it possible to link the fields I have constructed in an Outlook contact form (some default, some made by me) to an access table? With the outcome being that I can add a new contact in either Access or Outlook and the addition/changes are reflected in both applications...

    I have tried the 'link tables' way of doing it in Access but there is no way of selecting my form with its unique fields.
    It just places a default table containing the basic (I guess) fields from Outlook contacts in Access.

    It must be linked, not a one off 'export' of data in either direction.

    I am trying to get the convenience of Outlook distribution lists with the reporting and data management capabilities of Access.

    Should I be doing it this way??

    Is it necessary for me to pick one application and work with it?

    Outlook has, from my experience, crummy or nil reporting capability. Access handles email badly or at least with much difficulty at best. Am I right or wrong???

    Any help would be appreciated..

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    I did find out the other day that Outlook has it's own VBA editor?!
    Hit ALT and F11 I believe to get at it.
    Worth a start... Maybe
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    if you have outlook and access running on the same device then why store the information in both systems?
    what is available in Outlook is also available in Access (or any other application that can reference the outlook library / API. It is this capability that is exploited by many email viruses, hwoever its there for good reasons.

    If you want to use outlook for contacts thats fine, it has many nofty features for contact management, however you may need an intermediate table in access to link the outlook record to your internal system.

    I dont think you can do referential integrity links Pk/FK between outlook and access.

    The one downside of this approach that I can think of is that there is a risk your contacts in outlook can get deleted in outlook leaving your data vulnerable in the db application.

    I designed a while back an app that stripped out email information from customer emails and placed the data into a JET backend. so its quite feasible to do what you want.
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