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    Unhappy Unanswered: QMF 7.2 Date comparison

    I would like to start out by saying hi and i am struggling with Date comparisons

    **First Issue**
    I create the column, however the subtraction here is off. I would like to see how many days are between the Q.FINAL_SHIP and CURRENT DATE. i keep getting the (-171 ) error when i use CURRENT DATE so i put in an actual date.

    ( Q.FINAL_SHIP-'2007-04-04' ) AS SNI,

    **Second Issue**
    I would like to see items that are more than 60 days old i came up with this statement which doesn't work and was wondering what the heck i can do to fix this.

    Please help me if you can

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    You need to supply the exact SQL statements that are giving the error. On the other hand, if you trying to get QMF recognize current date after you extract the data from DB2, then I don't think you can do that. Current date must be in the SQL statement, not Forms part of QMF.
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