Hi all,

I have been playing a bit between projects and finally got around to looking into the SQL Server SQL Profiler tool. It looks promising, though I still have a long way to go in order that I can present enough info during real-time server monitoring, without drowning myself in knowledge and facts. It seems to be more the latter currently.

I am just interested in what the initial process is for many of you when you, for example, have a rogue program that is doing a table scan that is slowing down the other applications trying to access that table.

Back in my UNIX days, one of the first things I would do is to issue a TOP command to see who's suckin' down system resources. Then go into it further.

In the SQL Server world, I suppose a similar tool would be just to use the task manager on the server, but my suspition is that it would just say "SQL Server" or something to that effect.

Once I pull up enterprise manager, assuming a server has 10-15 databases on it, is there an easy way to figure out which process/select/job is causing trouble? I mean other than looking at "management->current activity->Process Info and then looking at how is using the most memory/CPU cycles (which is probably how I would do it now)?

The trouble with that option is that it's not really "real time" like, say UNIX TOP is, and the data must be "refreshed" regularly to get it to update.

I know SQL Profiler is Real Time, but the information displayed is at such a elemental level that it's almost overwhelming to try to figure out which stored procedure/select statement is causing grief. Granted, that may seem that way because I am one of the Great Unwashed as far as the profiler is concerned.

If there is someplace or some tool to look into in BOL or somewhere else, feel free to point me to it, I don't mind doing some homework myself, but thought I would post here to see if I can get any initial direction/feedback.

Any thoughts are appreciated.