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    Unanswered: Text Box Field Does Not Appear

    Hi everyone

    I am updating 9 fields in my form's Text Boxes by using code below -which is not the problem I believe -:

    ================================================== =======

    Dim cn As ADODB.Connection
    Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

    Set cn = CurrentProject.AccessConnection

    Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
    With rs
    Set .ActiveConnection = cn
    .Source = "SELECT SwimmersID,Group, Email, LastName, Address, Suburb, PostCode, MothersName, FathersName, HomePhone, MobilePhone, WorkPhone, FirstName " _
    & "FROM [Swimmers Table] " _
    & "WHERE (((Email IS NOT NULL) AND(Group <> 0) AND(Group)=" & [Forms]![SwimmersForm]![Group] & "));"
    End With

    If rs.RecordCount > 0 Then
    Me.Email.Value = rs.Fields(2)
    Me.LastName.Value = rs.Fields(3)
    Me.Address.Value = rs.Fields(4)
    Me.Suburb.Value = rs.Fields(5)
    Me.PostCode.Value = rs.Fields(6)
    Me.MothersName.Value = rs.Fields(7)
    Me.FathersName.Value = rs.Fields(8)
    Me.HomePhone.Value = rs.Fields(9)
    Me.MobilePhone.Value = rs.Fields(10)
    Me.WorkPhone.Value = rs.Fields(11)
    Me.FirstName.Value = rs.Fields(12)
    End If

    Set rs = Nothing
    Set cn = Nothing
    ================================================== =======

    So After update I can see some of the fields (i.e. Address, Suburb, FathersName, HomePhone, MobilePhone) but I cannot see some others (i.e. MothersName, WorkPhone)

    When I check database it's there. And also I am clicking on the field, or going back to another record and come back then it appears.

    But if I just try to wait and see I cannot see it no matter how long I wait.

    Thanks everyone!!!!!
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    What ever happened to good old fashioned debugging?
    Stick break points on each line within your If statement and watch the values populate as you step through.

    Also, do you want .Value or .Text ? Might be worth a play.
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    got to agree with george, a bit of DEBUGGING should be the first weapon of choice

    mebbe some debug.prints, mebbe some msgbox

    id use eof & bof to see if there were records thererecords there.. im not even certain that recordcount is populated on a query. but Id want to check that in the help system.

    first thing Id do is check that the SQL is retrieving what you expect (ie the columns and values that you expect)

    so id put a msgbox immediately after the SQL has been invoked, that way round Id know that its my assignment statement that is dependable.

    Id agree with the comment assigning values, id also use
    lastname.text = rs!LastName in place of Me.LastName.Value = rs.Fields(3)

    ..mind you Id also use the with construct to improve readability and marginally improve performance
    with rs
    if .recordcount > 0
    lastname.text = !LastName
    .......other statementds as required
    end with

    im not even sure you need to specify the .text or .value as unlike .net there is no need to explicitly specify the control as it default action is to populate the text box.
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    In VBA the default is .Value so that lastname is the same as lastname.Value. lastname.text, however, can only be used when the lastname control actually has focus.
    Hope this helps!

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