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    Unanswered: File transfer from UNIX to Windows 2003 server

    UNIX: solaris
    user: abc
    dir: /home/dude

    windows user: abc
    passw: xyz
    address: i.feel.good
    sharename: gold
    gold resolves to : d:\gold

    i tried

    sftp abc@i.feel.good
    Connecting to i.feel.good...
    ssh: connect to host i.feel.good port 22: Connection refused
    Connection closed

    I've tried rsync and scp as well, and they both give same error. What could be the problem and or how to tackle this.

    I do need to send the file from UNIX to remote windows server via shell script and 3rd party tools are not an option.

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    Do you have ssh,rsync or ftp services running on the windows server?
    What happens when you use normal ftp i.e.
    ftp i.feel.good

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