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    Unanswered: Access Lytech Chiro 2000 DAT files through Pervasive

    Does anyone know how to access Lytech Chiro 2000 DAT files through Pervasive?

    I have the DDF files and the list of tables are created.
    But when I click on the tables, Pervasive cannot find the files.
    No sure if I need to be looking for some other file type in the Lytech Chiro folder.

    I am trying to export information to map it into another program.

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    If you get a "file not found" type error opening a table, you've probably got hard coded paths in the DDFs.
    Do you get results if you double click on the "X$FILE" table in the Pervasive Control Center? If so, check the table you are trying to open that gives the error and look at the "XF$LOC" field. Does it have just a file name or does it have a path and file name? If it's got a path and file name, you'll need to make sure the DDF and the data files are in the proper paths. ANother option would be to copy the DDFs and data files to another directory and remove the paths from the DDFs. You can do that using the PCC manually or you can use a third party tool (like my DDF Path Fixer at
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    Thank you!! That pointed me to the corresponding definitions of the tables. I was able to rename the DAT file to the difinition and then open it as a table.
    i.e. Patient = LC01.DAT...
    Rename Office05.DAT to LC01.DAT
    Launch PPC and now the Patient table is available after loading....
    Export to CSV...

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