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    Unanswered: The basic need for Oracle

    I am a beginner of Oracle,anything with it is not farmiliar .Could anyone tell me the basic need for my computer to install it?Thank you!

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    Select download your desire.
    Then RTFM the prerequisites for DB installation.
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    In other words, you gave far too few information to get a better answer. It is as if you've said "I'd like to buy a car which will fit into my garage", but we don't know anything about your garage or the car, not even the colour you prefer.

    So, if we presume that you own a (relatively new) PC which runs under MS Windows XP operating system, after you visit Oracle Technology Network (suggested by Anacedent), in the upper-right corner you'll notice two free products - Oracle 10g Express Edition database and Oracle SQL Developer (GUI tool which will make your life easier).

    Download those products (or only the XE database), install them (make sure you read Installation Guides) and that should do it ... Don't forget to visit the Documentation page to find the books you'll be interested in. Getting Started section of the 10g Documentation might be useful for you.

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