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    Unanswered: corrupt file error while installing sql server 2005 develooper edition

    I was successfully able to installing sql server 2005 developer edition all peices except the "Workstation Component, Book Online, Development Tool", the last item in the installation list. It gave errror for bad file. Although this developer edition came directly of the box this error came up in many attempts. Upon "Ignore" it gives error 2350.

    I am able to run sql server's all the services and able to access it via VS.Net server browser. I can create and change tables etc. but there is no "Management Studio" installed. There is no icon for it either on the desktop or in the Start->SQL Server 2005 menu.

    Is it possible to get and copy file or entire client component from somewhere else? --Freed download or something? I searched for file but it was not in the CD. It could be inside some other file or cmpressed.

    Any suggestion.

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    Hi Munzer1,

    I am facing the same problem while installing sql server 2005 dev edition "corrupt file " .Could you let me know what you did to work
    out this problem .Would appreciate your early reply as I am facing this problem from few days now.


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    I am learning SQL and have the same issue. I am using Windows 7. I also have a problem with ASP.NET not registered with iis. If you can help at all, drop a note. These are the last two warnings on the load summary.

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