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    Unanswered: Dyanmic url in Access

    Hi - A client is running an access database on their in-house server. It is not connected to the internet.

    We have an MSSQL database connected to a web-server.

    We would like to have them update a field in their own database and then communicate with our own server so that they can update the same field on our own database.

    One solution I had thought would work is to place a url on their user interface that, when clicked, then opens an internet browser window, talks to our database and then updates a field on our own database.

    This url would have to be dynamic, that is, the url could look like this:

    The RecordID would be the ID of the database Record.
    The ReceivedDate would be a date converted to a serial number

    The ASP page would then parse the url, and use that to update the database.

    Can this be done? Is there a better way to communicate with the server (which doesn't require passwords to the entire database)?


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    The most useful info I could find was on:

    but it doesn't tell me how I can link from a particular record.

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