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    Hi all I'm looking for some help

    I have 2 tables 1 is called sites and the other is called vlans

    Each site can have multiple vlans.

    On a form I am using the treeview control which is working fine.

    -vlan 1
    -vlan 2
    -vlan a


    On the form there are 2 text boxes siteIDbox and vlanIDbox

    I need to use some code so that when I click on a vlan siteIDbox will display the site number and vlanIDbox will display the vlan.

    So far I have managed to update the vlandIDbox box by using this code

    Private Sub ExplorerPane_NodeClick(ByVal Node As Object)
        Select Case Node.Tag
            Case "VLAN"
                Me.vlanIDbox.Value = Node.Text
            Case "Sites"
                Me.siteIDBox.Value = Node.Text
        End Select

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    Also one last thing to mention, I can get the siteIDbox to update but only if I select it by clicking on the name but this is no good as most users will click on the plus button.

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