Mentor and/or coder wanted...

I've kicked around various RDBM's for several years, but never really learned sql adequately, given of high level GUI spoiling. I'm now approaching a central server application that will see moderately high levels of user access and data storage/retrieval with a very tight relationship of real-time double entry accounting with it, supporting a distributed platform model that handles multi-user, server shared data. While I'm sure I can bump my way through, I'd much rather be improving under some better guidance.

I understand the basic elements of normalization, schema representation and the concept of indexing, data structures, and relational approaches in general, but throughout the course of this coming 3 month devel, it would be helpful if there were someone with enough flexibility in their schedule to be available for Skype access and overall guidance that could help mentor over an original schema approach and offer application examples on occasion.

The individual would need to be available for occasional contact throughout most of the day, so it needs to be one like myself that lives in front of the tube, is reliable, but has a flexible surrounding.

The applications are based in C#, some Pascal, and (cough) OpenOffice as an intermediate forms tool, presently using both Firebird classic (platform support) and MySql, (server support), which we may shift to MsSql, but I'm hoping to keep option for Mono with MySql. The server will run on a full fail-over, load balanced, commercial, three node cluster, initially and in time, co-located to a fiber based data center, having international access of streamed and batched financial data.

If some would like to consider working out a fair consulting arrangement on a basis the client can afford, we are a pretty easy going bunch to get along with. There are presently two of us in devel in two countries, working remotely on secure VCS, running base models of the applications with an open mind to original schema concept design of the server DB.

There is also room for another part-time coder, if one has enough time they'd like to devote a weekly block of effort to specific application needs, of which there are a few well defined areas available.

Candidate would need to be reputable, able to show some past projects and willing to remain in a non-disclosure setting.

General topical questions can follow in this thread on DBforums. Negotiations and greater specific client detail discussions should be directed in email to afpteam(at)sbcglobal.net under the subject heading of "DBmentor", to Mike.

Thank you to the many that make up the great resource DBforums is.