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    Unanswered: mysql fulltext indexing limitation

    Hello All,

    My site is on a shared hosting plan that runs mysql server ver. 4.1.21-standard. I had the hosting provider to change the config to index words that are 3 characters and more (by default fulltext index will let you index 4 character and longer words only).

    But there are still a lot of searches on the site for 2 character searches and my hosting company is unwilling to change the config any further.

    I am not using "like" since the search criteria could be anything and I don't want to depend on the order of the values searched for vs how the data is stored.

    How would you handle it? Thanks!

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    Get another hosting provided. Just kidding!
    If you host is unwilling to drop the fulltext indexing size (which I can fully understand, as you don't want "as","is","a" etc indexed) then you are going to have to deal with it client side.
    I think you will find that most bulletin boards (forums) etc that utilise fulltext searching ONLY let you input words greater than three letters when you search. Thus i recommend that you follow suit.

    However, if you're adament that you wish to utilise 2 letter words you might like to try a combination of LIKE and MATCH, which will involve you crafting an SQL statement based on the input in the text field provided.

    My question to you is this : why/when do you need to search on a "to" letter word

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