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    Unanswered: Sybase and UNIX raw devices...

    To my understanding... UNIX raw devices are a "1 to 1" match with Sybase devices. Is this correct?

    Meaning... that when a UNIX raw device is created, you should use the whole space for a single Sybase device (i.e. UNIX raw device = 2048MB... then the Sybase device should be 2048MB). Is this correct?

    I'm finding that the new database servers I'm taking ownership of do not use the full UNIX raw device.

    For example...

    Device Name Physical Name size alloc free
    ------------------ ------------------------------- -------- -------- --------
    syb_mxp_data05 /opt/sybase/data/d317-2g 2048MB 1024MB 1024MB

    syb_mxp_log03 /opt/sybase/data/d318-2g 2048MB 2000MB 48MB

    syb_mxp_log04 /opt/sybase/data/d308-500m 500MB 350MB 150MB

    sybmgmtdev /opt/sybase/data/d301-100m 100MB 60MB 40MB


    Doesn't this mean that the remaining space on the UNIX raw devices is wasted space and that you cannot add another Sybase device to the same / existing UNIX raw device (i.e.have more than one Sybase device per UNIX raw device)? Is this correct?

    What are your thoughts?

    Many thanks for your help,

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    How did you do this listing ?

    It seems to me that the Sybase devices use the full raw device, but that not all of the Sybase device has yet been allocated to databases.


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    Thank you for your feedback. You are right, this is a newly implemented scritpt and I missread the output. Thanks a million for your feedback.

    Thank you,


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