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    Unanswered: Implementing Incremental Database backup


    I am working on one application, which retrieves data from multiple tables in the database and all the fields retrieved, are exported as an excel sheet. All the export functionality is done through DTS. And the data is retrieved using an SP.

    I am supposed to use an "incremental backup" approach here. Means, for the 1st scheduling of the package, all the database dump will be there in excel file. But, after that only fields that are updated/inserted are to be filled in the excel file. Each time, when the dump of the database is taken, the excel file is stored in an archive folder with Date and tiemstamp(e.g. TEST_11_04_2007_15_00_00.xls)

    e.g. For the first dump, I get 100 records from the database. Before next execution of the package, 10 rows get inserted and 1 row gets updated. So, on the second time execution of the package, I should populate the excel sheet with those 11 rows only, and not 110 records.

    I am not authorised to change the database schema.
    So, is there any approach to try out this?

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    The simple answer would be: Either there has to be a "last updated column" on the table(s), or basically have to create triggers or other means for logging inserts, updates and deletes to the tables, and use those tables for reporing. This would not affect the schema on your base tables, but might of course be a rather complex task.
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