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    Unanswered: Help with database

    Hi everyone. I'll make this as short as possible. I'm a web designer turned developer, with a lot of experience in layout and design and some scripting experience. In any case, I've always managed to figure out how to get stuff done right.

    Now, I'd like to delve into databasing; specifically, an integrated database that uses MySQL and PHPadmin with my vdeck hosting to supply password-protected accounts.

    I've searched the web for resources, and many of these things are foreign to me. I know I can learn if it can be laid out in layman's terms; can anyone offer me a few resources to get me started? Thanks!

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    Get a book... I find that if you're beginning books tend to be a better place to start that online resources.
    Which version of MySQL are you planning on utilising?

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    plenty of good online resources that you can look into for free before hauling out the credit card to go shopping for books...

    see the SQL Links page on my web site | @rudydotca
    Buy my SitePoint book: Simply SQL

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