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    Unanswered: Help with db2move command

    I am a new DB user and I am sorry for asking the easy questions.

    I need help with db2 move. I was given a dir with db2move.lst file and other files in the same dir. I was told that I can execute db2move command with IMPORT action and to get the DB on my local server.
    I cd to DB29\BIN> and typed db2move it gave me the list of options that I can use.
    Then I typed db2move MYDB IMPORT c:\DIR\db2move.list.
    It gave me an error that it is invalid and all options shuld be gin with "-". In short I was trying more options but I was not succesfull. I think that I am not using db2move.lst correctly.
    Could someone give me an advise what I should do with thes db2move.lst.

    The other question is if I have to create database before the import or it will be created during the import.

    Thank you in advance.

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    You must create the database first. It would be best if you create the tables first with the db2look command (run against the original database), but pull out the foreign key creates and run them after the db2move.

    If the db2move.lst is in the same directory as the IXF files (it should be) and you execute the command from the same directory path, then you don't need to specify the file or path.
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