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    Unanswered: Advanced Replication in oracle 10g (

    I am trying to configure advanced replication on oracle 10g with windows 2000 server . I am facing some problem in the installation. I have followed the procedure documented in the chapter "Installing Oracle Internet Directory in Replicated Mode" in the Oracle Application Server Installation Guide.
    For the Installation Type, select as follows:

    For Configuration Options, i checked both Oracle Internet Directory and High Availability and Replication .

    Because i checked High Availability and Replication in the Select Configuration Options screen, i will see the Select High Availability or Replication Option screen. i selected Replication.

    For Advanced Replication-based (multimaster) replication, selected Advanced Replication.

    On the screen labeled Oracle Internet Directory Master Node, it says to specify the hostname and port for the supplier node to be replicated by this node presently being created. If connecting with that node requires SSL protocol, check that box on this screen.

    Here i am confused about the exect host name and the SSL port on NOn SSL Port.

    Can anybody guide me? If any body have the step by step installation and configuration document on Advanced Replication or Stream Replication then please mail me on my id.""

    Thanks in advance.

    With Regards.

    Anand Saurabh.

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    I don't have the answer, but I do have a comment.

    You are not configuring Oracle Advanced Replication in the same way as most customers. You are configuring Oracle Internet Directory (OID), and OID has a special wizard to configure Oracle Advanced Replication in a way that is unique to OID. My suggestion is to seek help with OID setup.

    Also, the Oracle RDBMS and OID products version had many bugs, including some bugs that impact setup. You might want to apply the latest patchset prior to starting the configuration process.


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