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    Unanswered: Using VB in Access to query incomplete records


    I am a student working on an Access project and have been wondering if it is possible to create a piece of VB that when used, lists any records within a given table in Access that are incomplete (by which I mean have blank fields) and if so, how would i go about this? I relise that this may be better achieved in Access without VB code (using a macro or otherwise) but as part of my assignment I need to include more coding in my project other than the code that I have already created to produce statistics from the data stored and I am rapidly running out of Ideas.

    Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated Thankyou for any replies in advance.

    P.S. I am probably a noob in comparsion to some of the users on here so a greater depth of explanation may be needed Thanks!

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    build a query where it displays NULL fields. Obviously, you wouldn't have to look in fields that do not allow nulls. The database won't accept nulls in those fields to begin with.

    Select * from TableName Where Field1 Is Null or Field2 Is Null or ...
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