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    Unanswered: Best way of syncing database

    OK, Im doing a lot of DB work recently, and learning new skills all the time! at this rate I be an MVP in access by the end of the year (or not! )

    Now this database is going to be used both on a laptop and on pcs. Not ness at the same time.

    What is the best way of syncing the database so that the laptop and the server have the same data on each?

    I was thinking of offline folders? or do MS/Access have something?

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    have a look at GUID's, replication and even dare I say it the hlkp system and or MSDN
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    Look at Access HELP "Replica"
    "Create a replicated database" and s.o.

    If you are safe that you will not to use MDB in the same time,
    you can use COPY-PASTE too.
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    I've done a great deal of syncing, and have found the following two methods to be easily accomplished. Neither is foolproof, and I suggest copying your original to an archive before attempting any sync operation. Don't forget to date it!

    1) Windows has a little-used utility known as "briefcase." This can sometimes be accessed using a right-click menu, but if you don't see it there, try Start/Programs/Accessories....Create a new briefcase and paste a copy of your original Access database inside. You'll get some prompts which should be self-explanatory. To sync the two files up after changes are made in either, right-click on the briefcase and select the "sync" option. Everything will work fine.

    Before trying this with Access, please experiment a bit with Word files to get the hang of the briefcase system (make a .doc copy, paste it in briefcase, make some changes, and "sync").

    **Note** Copied Access files, known as "replicas" will not allow users to make design changes!

    2) The Briefcase method above works only if all Access files are networked to one another or directly connected. To sync up files via email, I suggest the following:

    - Create a Replica of original in Access: Tools/Replication/Create Replica
    - Zip the replica up (WinRar is great!!). All email hates Access macros, and will tag it as a virus unless the file is is compressed.

    - Receive zipped replica in email. Unzip.
    - In Access, open your original and: Tools/Replication/Synchronize Now
    - Select the unzipped replica, follow instructions

    Hope this helps!

    Also, a piece of advice: Access will always be looking for a chance to betray you. Make daily backups and label them clearly by date!! If your database becomes corrupted- and it will, for reasons which are not your fault-apply the "recover design master" utility on one of your archived copies or on a replica.

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