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    Unanswered: SQL Server Driver, limited parameters?


    I am using the SQL Server ODBC connecting Via MS Access to a remote database.

    When i Query using some parameters it works for about 100 or so records, but if i have a large set to Query say 300 odd, it says "ODBC call failed"

    i need to split into 2 to get the data out.

    Any clue how i can change some parameters to overcome this.

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    It almost acts like it's timing out, even thought that's not the error you'd
    get if it was.

    I'd start by adding this to your code where you're building the connection

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    hi i dont think its timing out! moreover i am using SQL so i dont know how i can incorporate the code u mention.

    is there a way that a limit can be set on the server on the number of records a user can fetch. i suspect thats the case but have no way of checking it out?

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