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    Unanswered: MDX Query builder

    Good day,

    I would like to know if there are any good MDX query builder tools out there. The one that is shipped with AS does not suffice in that it does not support more than 2 axes. Also if there are any are there any that make life a little easier in that they are drag and drop and all but create the statement for you?

    I need to create a matrix in SSRS using cubes and in doing so need to write MDX queries, not my strong point. Are there any tools that can help me "auto create" the statement with drag and drop functionality?

    Thanks in advance

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    Another option: Excel

    You could use Excel 2007 and then use Maro Russo blog to build Excel macro that displays MDX:,view/id,16/

    Vidas Matelis

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