I want the program to input an entry for every item with a value ranging from 1-300, according to sales data, according to the associated style.

I have to sort large amounts of Data and format them into a way I can deal with it.

I get two inventory lists twice a week from 16 stores.
I sort this data in two ways.

I do this by comparing an inventory list to a list of 300 of the best selling styles.

Currently, I input one list of inventory data in excel and then organize the items manually and respectively to sales data list in columns. Top 25 styles, 50, 100, 200, 300.

When I am finished, I have a certain amount of items in the top 25 styles, a certain amount in top 50, and so on. I color code the columns and write down the quantities and percentage of each category in the list..

if this is still confusing:

I have two tables.
one has the style numbers of which several items are in the category of a style number.

and one is the list I want to sort the previous list by. It has 300 styles that sold the best. they are rated from 1 to 300.

I want to organize all my items in each list by the 300 style list.

I have to do this twice a week, for 16 stores, for two separate reports.
ongoing basis.

is there a way of having the program do the numbers for me?
I am entering the data in excel physically . Is it possible to do this another way?

I am trying to sort the sales data sheet INTO the columns I have set up AND according to the styles that each piece of data has in common.