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    Unanswered: Control Back Button for certain frame

    I have a website in PHP that has 2 frames, I main frame with all content and a bottom frame with a music player. I use frames because as people navigate through the site i dont want the player to have to reload, as it's streaming music. The only problem with this is on the player.php page i have a drop down which changes the station of the player. If i were to change channels which reloads the page and executes the right station and then click on a link in the main page everything works fine. But if i were to hit the back button twice the player will get reloaded.

    My question is there some sort of php code or any code that will control what the browser back button controls. I only want it to control the main frame and not handle the bottom frame at all.

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    Unfortunately you cannot control browser history. When you go back it will reload the whole page and thus reload all the frames (as it should). Do you have an example of this website so we can see what is happening?

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