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    Unanswered: Informix Etl

    I am looking for a third party tool to extract informix data from one UNIX box to another. Any idea who has this type of tool?

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    Hello you can use some rcp command to copy tHe data from unix box to other unix box. or you can use Datastage ETL tool to extrect the data from one unix box to and load the data into other unix box


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    Sorry for the old post .... this will be useful for the community though:

    If you have IBM Informix 11.70 or greater, you need no commercial ETL as long as you accept to type some query text: Informix now has the so called external tables, that map ascii files ( structured, delimited etc...) or entire directories containing those files, into Informix tables that can be used as regular tables.

    This functionality has been implemented from the Informix XPS engine (the previous datawarehouse dedicated version of Informix), meaning it is extremely efficient in terms of performance, sometimes even more than informix high performance loader ( and way more simple to use!). You will find an example in this article

    So in your case, copy the files to the other box, create the external tables and then
    insert them into the new box's database like this
    INSERT INTO new_table SELECT *(or whatever) FROM external_table

    And that's it.

    If interested in ETL for datawarehouse, check the Informix Warehouse Accelerator solution, which is a revolutionnary way of handling a datawarehouse and datamarts.

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