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    Unanswered: DB passwords not working in linked tables

    I have 3 databases and they use linked tables to each other database as well as some macros that utilize information in the other databases. When I put a db password on one of the databases I have to enter the password to continue which is fine. But when I am in one db and it accesses the other password protected db it comes up with an error, that I do not have access. Why doesn't it ask me for the password?

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    I've had similar issues with password protected linked databases and never had the time to get to the bottom of it fully and have so far ended up with a generic password on the backend database and user level passwords on the front ends.

    Your password protected database creates an associated mdw file that the other databases cannot 'see' and therefore cannot get access to use the data.

    One option I thought of trying was to secure one database file (thus creating an mdw to control access to it) and then copying the mdb to use as a 'shell' for other database objects that needed to link to it. The theory is that both should reference the same mdw and allow crossed access. Untested method though!

    I'm sure there is a way to point multiple mdb's to a single mdw but as yet I've not had time to explore it. What I've learnt so far is by dabbling- always dabble with COPIES of the database in a separate environment just in case!!!

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