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    Question Unanswered: 10g shared_pool_size must be 62198988, I need it to be 4M!

    We have a sever with over 60 9i standby databases on, all with a shared_pool_size = 4M so the server runs under the 4gig of ram it has.
    They run in standby mode and apply the redo logs perfectly with that amount of memory which is all they need to do, Obviously the memory would be changed if the standby database was activated.

    I am in the process of upgrading databases to 10g but I cannot start the database in standby mode with less than 62M, I just get an error stating the shared_pool_size must be at least 62198988. I am going to need another 4 gig of ram to be able to do that!! Does anyone know if there is a way around this so I can continue to run the databases in 10g with 4M shared_pool_size?

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    In theory 4M would be your smallest pool size, because given the facts you provided I think your granule size is 4M. However, I seem to recall the Oracle documentation says the minimum size of a shared pool is 32M for 32-bit databases and 84M for 64-bit databases.

    Probably the only way to minimize your shared pool is to not set the parameter at all, and just set sga_target and sga_max_size. Oracle will tune it, and often it comes out lower than if you tried to manually set it, which sounds like a bug but it's probably an expensive feature in disguise!

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