We're working on an application with a large number of reports which are to be run from a VB interface. Frequently some reports hang with the same record being reported repeatedly when run from the VB interface. When run stand-alone they appear to run normally, but I noticed today that the report currently hanging, when run stand-alone, is issuing a 'Verify Database' prompt saying 'The database file "x" has changed. Proceeding to fix up the report!'

After clicking OK the 'Verify Database' prompt changes to 'The database is now up to date.' with another OK. After clicking both of those the report runs normally. I'm assuming the problem in the VB program is that it isn't issuing a command to verify the database before trying to run the report.

Although changes have been made to the database structure, I have not yet found any that have been made to table 'x'. So my first question is what is causing this prompt. But really, since the report runs fine after responding to the prompt. But really, if I could find a way to detect & respond to these prompts, or to avoid them by verifying the database every time the VB program runs the report, then I probably wouldn't case what's causing it.

The database developers are remote while the report & VB developers are in-house so it's almost certain that this problem will re-occur until full implementation is complete, which is estimated to be in a couple of years. In the meantime it simply isn't feasible to go in & check every report every time the developers make a change to the database.