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    Unanswered: unrestricted growth issue log files 2005

    I am trying to set the log file on one of our databases to unrestricted growth, but after changing the setting, saving and then going back into management studio, the setting is now back to restricted growth. I am a sysadmin within sql and a local admin on the server so permissions should not be an issue.

    What is preventing the setting of unrestricted growth on the log file from staying after the save.

    I do not have this problem on the data file, (the change stays), but only on the log file. it happens for any database on the server. Sql Server 2k5 enterprise edition with SP2.


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    it happens for any database on the server
    Do you have multiple instances on one server? Or are all you dbs on one instance? If you can afford some down time, I would stop and restart the SQLService, and see if it fixes things. Other than that I do not have any experience with such an issue.

    Good luck

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    I have two SQL 2005 SP2 instances (one clustered, one standalone). Neither exhibits the behaviour you describe.

    Are you doing this through SSMS? If so, try scripting the change and running inside a query window. It's possible (though not necessarily likely) that you might see an error there.



    PS. as an after thought, are you using SP2 client tools, or is it just the server that is running SP2?
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    I am having the same issue. Tried alter database but this also did not work.

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    In my case I think the MS dialogue is misleading. It will not let you change to unrestricted, but shows the restricted max file size in MB as 2,097,152 which is the 2 TB limit.

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