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    Exclamation Unanswered: Stored procedures hangs application on first execution


    I have a .Net application which invokes an stored procedure (SQL Server 2005 Express installed on the same machine). When the stored procedure is called the first time, the application hangs because the sp never ends execution and the application's process has to be killed. But when the application is executed again, the sp runs as expected. What could be happening?

    The stored procedure references remote tables by means of synonyms. If the Management Studio is used instead, the sp never ends execution when invoked the first time, but the query can be cancelled.

    Now, if the sp is invoked first in the Management Studio first and then by the application, this does not hang (the sp executes as expected).

    Thanks a lot.
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    I suggest you run SQL Server Profiler and trace all TSQL statements (don't quite remember the name of the events though) to see what is going on and where inthe sproc execution hangs.

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    We can't help you much if you don't post the sproc.
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    on the second execution you probably have a cached execution plan. however your sql should be written and your database should be designed so it does not rely upon a cached plan to finish execution.
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