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    Unanswered: Why canīt reduce the size of export file

    We have many problems in my installation with the space in disk, because we have a very big Datawarehouse Database. We execute an export every night (this file have 96gb., I have problems to find space to allocated).Yesterday we have included in the definitions of several tables the parameter compress, this have reduced the size ( from 28 gb. to 9gb.). I was happy because I thought that my export was going to be more small. But my surprise was that it has only been reduced in 1 gb. Is there any explanation for this?
    Do somebody know how I can reduce the size of the file of export?. Also I had the idea to do export by file pipe compressed but it takes too many hours.

    Any idea is welcome

    thank you

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    I would say that a reduction of 28 gig to 9 gig, a reduction of 19 gig is doing rather well.
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    ZIP the export file and keep it in a safe place. Delete export file.

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    Use many exports jobs and use a pipe for each using the tables parameter of the export command.

    Just hope you're not using export as your "backup" method.

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    Did you mean COMPRESS=Y during export? This has nothing to do with making the export file smaller.

    (Sorry, just re-read your post and I don't think you meant that.)

    Table compression is only used by direct path loads (INSERT /*+ APPEND */, SQL*Loader, CREATE TABLE AS SELECT, ALTER TABLE MOVE) so merely setting a table's COMPRESS attribute will not necessarily make any difference.
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