please help me . i am new to shell scripting.
i have to files . one is named.conf and another is .db file i.e for example named.conf file
contains the line zone "" { type master; file "/var/named/"; };
there are so many such zone records are present in named.conf file. and second file is .db file . this file contains all .db files for example 1> 2>
there r so many such .db files. i want a script which will check .db file in named.conf , if it
will find entry in named.conf file then do nothing , but if there is no entry then add a zone record for that perticular .db file at the bottom of named.conf file. for example i want to search a .db file named as in named.conf file but for that file zone record is already exist. i.e zone "" { type master; file "/var/named/"; }; , if record
is not exist then add it at the bottom of named.conf file. i want to use this script for multiple
.db files .