I'm connecting to an AS400 database but I'm unable to complete queries that are validated using Sequel View point.

I'm connecting using DB2 UDB for AS/40005.02.0000 V5R2m0 AS/400 Toolbox for Java JDBC Driver

Here's the query:

 SELECT       	prdno.inaip510, WDATA(prdno.mspmp100) NAME(PRDNO_01) COLHDG("Product Number"), s1aph.mspmp100, itlot.inaip510, quant01.inaip510, mth.inaip510
 FROM          	rmsaiplt/inaip510,rmsairms/mspmp100
 INNER JOIN  	prdno.inaip510=prdno.mspmp100
 WHERE       	ITLOT.inaip510<>' '
and the error I get:

 12:38:26  [SELECT - 0 row(s), 1.912 secs]  [Error Code: -104, SQL State: 42601]  [SQL0104] Token ( was not valid. Valid tokens: , FROM INTO.
... 1 statement(s) executed, 0 row(s) affected, database exec time 1.912 sec [0 successful, 0 warnings, 1 errors]
I assume it some problem in the join.

Any idea? Thanks in advance!