Hostlegal now offer legal protection templates as low as $9.99.

Below is a list of our legal protection templates available:

Contact Us/About Us Reg. Price $12.99
Reseller - FAQ Reg. Price $12.99
Set Up & Order Form Reg. Price $12.99
Reseller - Acceptable Use Policy Reg. Price $16.99
Webmaster- Terms of Use Reg. Price $18.99
Reseller - Terms of Service Reg. Price $18.99
Megaeforms Legal Kit Reg. Price $19.99

Also, we have the following comprehensive Legal Protection solutions available for Webmasters, Resellers, and Wholesalers:

For Webmasters or WebDesigners, buy our Webmaster/WebDesigner Protection Kit (WWPK) - $25.99

For Webhosting Resellers, buty our Reseller Protection Kit (RPK) - $34.99

For Wholersalers, buy our Wholesaler/Upstream Provider Protection Kit (WUPK) - $99.99

To order or for more information, please visit our website: