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    Unhappy Unanswered: drop or reactivate datafiles

    Hello everybody!!!
    I am used to learning from others so, that is my first consultation.
    I got into a problem with some datafiles.
    We have SAP in a BD oracle
    I used OEM to generate two datafiles in the tablespace PSAPPRDUSR,
    but I generated them in another tablesapce (PSAPPRD) with a name of file,
    size and location very different from those that there uses the tablespace PSAPPRD.
    So... I put them offline later to erase them later!!!
    And now... I neither can erase them nor can put online again.

    To erase them I used:
    SQL> ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '/oracle/PRD/sapdata4/prdusr_2/prdusr.data2' OFFLINE DROP;
    Database altered.
    SQL> commit;
    But they continue there, do not resign.

    To put them online:
    SQL> alter database recover datafile '/oracle/PRD/sapdata4/prdusr_2/prdusr.data2';
    alter database recover datafile '/oracle/PRD/sapdata4/prdusr_2/prdusr.data2'
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-00275: media recovery has already been started

    ..and nothing!

    The question is that online backcup cannot be made:
    ORA-01128: cannot start online backup - file 31 is offline

    How I disappear them? It is possible to move them to another tablespace and erase everything? Tablespace has 26 Gb.
    The BD is in production and I do not have long time to fix it.

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    Unfortunately, I can't help you - I know nothing about those things.

    But - what a shame you have to learn on a production database. This is a way which leads to a disaster.

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