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    Smile Unanswered: New to Sybase Server

    Hi Group,

    THis is Chetan. I am new to sybase Db.

    I have tried to install sybase 12.5 DB Server on Windows profile. but somehow it is not getting started.

    I checked the services in services section of Windows.. All sybase server services are sybase sqlserver_fybase, sybase bckserver_fybase_bs, sybase XPserver_fybase_xp all are enabled but they are not getting started.
    It gives error -- error 3 : THe system cannot find the path specified.

    Help me on this .......................

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    Sybase 12.5 installation really sux on Windows. Without getting help from Tech Support you simply cannot get it started out of the box.

    The base GA release of 12.5 had lot's of components missing that their build team neglected to check, which means Sybase Central does not start properly, Windows PATH get messed up and services do not start, haven't taken into account the Windows PATH character limit etc.. etc...and interestingly there is also a stupid bug in ASE 12.5 on Windows installation, it doesn't start during the months between Feb-March and August-September.

    An easier option is to remove it (there is no uninstall on Windows, well there is, but it doesn't work either) and install the Sybase ASE 12.5.2 is a very polished product and works perfectly out of the box.

    Otherwise, your best bet is to start it manually.
    Go to the %SYBASE% in a DOS window, this is the Sybase root folder on Windows.
    Check for a SYBASE.bat file and run it in the same DOS window.
    In the same window, run the %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_ASE%\install\startserver -f RUN_fsybase.bat

    Do the same to start the rest of the SYbase services.
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